Women of Acts


Women are mentioned either directly or indirectly over 20 times in the book of Acts.

There are 3 separate times that it mentions women were tortured for their faith:

Acts 8:3 Saul committed women to prison Acts 9:2 That Saul might bring women bound to prison Acts 22:4 Saul/Paul testifies how he had committed women to prison before his conversion.

There are 3 occasions, which I have subjected as “the mentions of women with bad judgments.

Acts 5:1-11 When Sapphira lied for her husband and God judged her for her part.

Acts 12:13-16 Rhoda, Well, she didn´t open the Gate??? OK?

Acts 13:50 OK, this is a tough one to swallow...”The Jews stirred up the devout and honourable women, and the chief men of the city, and raised persecution against Paul and Barnabas, and expelled them out of their coasts.”

These “Devout and honourable” ladies allowed themselves to be used to spread gossip and did their “job” so well that the men of God were thrown from the city.

Ladies, we need to watch our tongues! We can use our “womanly ways” for evil or for good!

OK, now to the better part. LOL

This category in itself can be divided into 4 parts:

(P)Women who Prayed,

(F) Women who expressed faith, i.e. believed and baptized,

(H) Women who were healed of inflictions, and lastly,

(W) Women who worked for or were used of God. Some of them qualify to more then one, as you will see.

(P) Acts 1:14 Prayer and supplications were made With the Women.

(F) Acts 8:12 When the women believed, they were baptized.

(W)(F)(H) Acts 9:36-42 Dorcas full of good works, died and was raised by the Lord thru Peter.

(P)(W) Acts 12:12 Saul came to the House of Mary where they prayed.

(W) Acts 16:1 Timotheus the son of a Jewish woman. Looking at 2 Tim. 1:5 we see how much of an influence his Mother and Grandmother had been in teaching him the Bible and living for the Lord. Mother´s, Grandmother´s, and Aunts, we have an awesome responsibility with the youth around us!

(P)(F)(H)(W) Acts 16:13-21, and 40 Ok, starting off we have Paul and Timotheus coming to a “river where prayer was wont to be made.” They sat down and spoke to the Women that Resorted there. Hmmm, Lived at the River of prayer?! What a thought. vs 14 Here we see Lydia is saved and baptized. Later we see in vs 40 that Paul´s first convert in Europe(Lydia), is used of God to house them later. vs 16 There is a woman who was possessed of a devil and taunted the men as they went to prayer. This continued for days! The men of the city were using this woman for their gain. When she was healed, they no longer were able to use her for their profit so they were upset and caused the city to rise up against them. vs 22-23 and 40 They were cast into prison.

Then went to Lydia´s house when they were released.

(F) Acts 17:4, 12, and 34 Women who believed and were baptized.

(P)(W)Acts 18:2-3 and 26 Aquila and Priscilla worked together at their craft of tent making. Family home based business of tentmakers. They also provided a ‘church house´ 1Cor. 16:19. They were helpers to Paul, as we already knew and again is mentioned in Rom. 16:3.

In vs 26 of Acts 18, well prefaced with vs 24-28, Apollos was instructed in the way of the Lord but he only knew of the baptism of John. In vs 26 we see that Priscilla, with her husband, told him the way of God more perfectly.

 We see thru the rest of the passage that they did a good job!

(P)Acts 21:5 The Jews of the town brought Paul and company to the shore and prayed with them. This is the men, women and children.

(W)Acts 21:8-9 Philip had 4 daughters who prophesied. Today we have the more sure word of prophecy which women can use to bless others around them. By the way, notice they were virgins, showing a woman does not have to be married to be used of God in the body of Christ.

God has created women for His honor. In honoring Him we can be used to serve our husbands, our fathers, and most of all, our Lord.

We have a lot to do in the body of Christ, ladies.

Be faithful to what God has called you to do!


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