The Big Day

A very looong walk for Dad!

        So many have written me asking about the Wedding that I wrote a letter to all and would like to share it with you all.

        I have slowly been getting pictures from guests that brought cameras. Be sure to go to the next page to see more.

        Let's see, the day started great.. at least the sun was shining .. and as most of you know we have had such hot hot humid weather... with the reception being under a tent.. we knew that it would be uncomfortable but nothing we could do about that.

        The service started on time (yea!!!) and was so nice!~ Pastor preached a simple but direct plan of salvation.. (which was such a blessing since most of my family is UNsaved and this is just what Paul and Laura wanted.) The church was just beautiful.. Laura was stunning!and the place was packed.

        We had the cake inside and it was waaaay to great to explain.. will scan pictures and post as soon as I get them back.  It was all done on separate tiers..(different heights) and shaved white chocolate covering them with edible orchids decorating them.. wow oh!  and yummy!!! (huge hit!)
        Then came the kiss... (pic found on page 2) their first .. gotta tell you it was so precious.. what a blessing.

        Welllllll, half way through the receiving line it started to rain -- not just rain.. but a storm.. within minutes we were under a tornado watch and had to usher ppl into the basement of the church...UGH... then about 10 minutes later brought them up again.. meanwhile while this was going on.. 5 of the fellows were outside trying to put the sides of the tent up to keep the rain and wind out.. they were soaked but were able to salvage some of what the decorations looked like before the storm hit... (mirrors - bowls - flowers - especially the head table were ruined) But 2 ladies were out there trying to bring it to some kind of order (sheeeesh :-)

And this was early afternoon!

        The fellows (my heroes) were wiping up the tables the ladies putting back as many of the decorations that they could salvage.. then as we brought ppl up from the basement .. they were sent out to the tent.. (on the path created with white posts.. silver (drenched) bows that no longer glistened in the sun.. (sigh) and the petals that lined the path were also gone (sigh again :-)

        Then the caterer arrived.. the punch fountain was not going to work anymore since it had been flooded with leaves and bugs.. so up went those ugly big yellow containers to hold the punch.. (at this point i'm dying right? LOL)

        So since all this was going on.. we decided to have prayer and start eating w/o the bride and groom since they were trying to get pictures done.. The food was great.. and half way through the meal the bridal party arrived (Paul carried her all the way to the tent so she wouldn't ruin her dress (so sweet) ;-)
We served them and then brought out the cake..
        Even though we felt as if all our hard work and many many days and nights of planning had gone litterly with the wind .. we were to later learn that the Lord was very gracious.. there was like a donut affect .. and we were in the hole that was protected.. power lost.. trees down... so much destruction within a one mile radius ALL around us.. God was so good to us in all of this.. not to mention the fact that we did NOT purchase the insurance on the tent.. (had it blown.. we would have been liable for 10,000 !!!!!!!

        Back to the service itself.. the Lord was glorified in that the gospel was clear, the music was uplifting.. and the purity that Laura and Paul held was to His glory also! The girls looked great.. (she says with a wee bit of pride after making all the dresses)  the flowers were exquisite!!!  Purple and white roses..

        I have probably left out quite a bit here ... I think I am still in the unwind mode..  LOL  They are now beginning their lives together.. keep them in your prayers as they are traveling for the next 2 weeks.. Blessings to all!!!

        I had a friend write me and she mentioned that the Lord showed them from the very first.. that no matter what the storms may bring.. He is their strength and will bring them through. Amen to that.

Chris (momof9)-- Who is forever thankful to all of you who wrote and said you were praying.

As you can see the storm did a number on my hair... but all in all we were able to keep our smiles, for the Lord was with us.

This is our Joshua, Laura's brother. His job was to be the petal dropper, he did such a fine job! :-)
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