A.     Add more productivity to your activities.
B.     Believe that you are entitled to success.
C.     Constantly translate information into action.
D.     Dare to use new kinds of action - walk by faith.
E.     Enter into His gates with thanksgiving.
F.     Forever act faithfully in money matters. Give to God what is God's. (tithes and         offerings)
G.     Gather fresh scriptures constantly.
H.     Hold your abilities in high esteem, and act on them!
I.     Increase your reliance on the HOLY SPIRIT daily.
J.     Jump at opportunity with total action.
K.     Keep looking for better ways to do things. Even a child is known by his doings,         whether they be good and whether they be right.
L.     Learn about GOD - If we are always seeking we can always find!
M.     Make each morning a fresh, prayerful start. Commit thy ways unto the Lord.
N.     Never consent to sin .
O.     Omit all self defeating attitudes - keep looking up!
P.     Point your abilities towards a definite goal - Is it really Heaven?
Q.     Quietly - Slow to speak; quick to hear.
R.     Read constantly our FATHERíS Word - 1611 King James Bible!
S.     Study our FATHERíS Word daily
T.     Take the stand that your time here is temporary - be a soldier of Christ.
U.     Use all ways to increase your faith.
V.     Visualize the prize you intend to win (in Heaven)
W.     Widen your acquaintances of GODís people - let them be your "heros".
X.     X-ray your actions with improvement in mind .
Y.     Yield to GODís way of doing things - God, you're right - I'm wrong!
Z.     Zestfully go after what is needed to strengthen your soul and the soul of others.

        Ignorance is the basis of all selfishness; selfishness is the root of all error, sin and crime. The more intelligence you have, the more you find yourself alone. People are afraid of what they donít understand; people donít understand GOD. Hatred takes you out of harmony; love puts us in the presence of GOD!


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