A few of you have probably noticed that my newer pages have this new logo on them...

YES!! I have just begun to learn Graphics. So when you see my logo that means they are firsts! ;-) I have done quite a few now, but I forgot to save so many of them. I don't intend to ever make this a graphic site... HOWEVER... If you see something you like on the pages I have done, go ahead and take it... no link necessary!

I have so much admiration for the graphic artists out there that offer their work to help us make out web pages, many are closing down, deciding to go into business, things like that. I figured it was time for me to stop borrowing so much and learn to do this myself. Im having a blast, of course there is never enought time in a day, but I manage to try at least one project each day.. so far so good. I am sorry for the size of some of these, still learnign how to lower the file size while hanging on to the quality of my graphic. (so much to learn ;-)

How did I learn PSP?? Well, with the patience of a very dear friend and now I'm in an on-line group of ladies learning together. It is called PSP WORKBENCH.

I thought maybe someone might be interested in seeing the types of projects we are doing.. at first I wondered why I was learning to make all these things when I really only wanted to learn enought to make headers, you know, things for my pages. I have learned so much about the way PSP works, what the tools can do.. Even though I have a loooong way to go, I'm to the point now that I'm not afraid of it anymore. LOLOLOL So here they are, they are shrunk to be able to put them all on one page, but they should give you the general idea ;-):

Animated Umbrella LOL okay, so it IS pretty fast ;-)

Victorian Frame

Page 2

The Christian Counter

Baptist TOP1000