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I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
3 John 4

Yes, this is my husband and I! But that is not why I brought you here. I would like you to meet our children. As you can well imagine it is never boring at our home! My husband and I were married April 27, 1973. Our oldest daughter Laura was the first to leave the nest in July of "99", getting married to the "love of her life" Paul. This August (2002) our son Craig will be getting married!!!

This is the newest picture I have of the children. Bill and I were surprised with it this Christmas. let me introduce you now: Back row left to right,...Sarah (16) Craig (26) Laura's husband Paul, Caleb (15), and Anna (18) Second row left to right: Josiah (11), Elisabeth (19)Laura holding Gillian, Abigail (13) and Joshua (6). We love being a large family. Truly Blessed. Please travel back to the homepage and learn more about the things we like.

Another recent picture!

this was taken at Anna's (center) 14th birthday.

And this just before Laura and Paul were married.. There are plenty more wedding and family pictures through the Courtship/Wedding links off of the home page ;-)

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