This came my way on a friends 10th wedding anniversary, I felt it would be an encouragement to those of you that walk this same path.

        Today is not only an amazing day because its my anniversary it is an amazing day because of our Lord! Not only have we been married 10 yrs today but we are married 10 yrs because of Gods grace! Just after we married and had our first baby my dh began to walk independantly of the Lord. He began to drink, got caught up in all sorts of drugs and basically lived a single mans life. It was very difficult for me but I learned about forgiveness, the Lords Love and how we can love the Unlovable because of Him.

        I spent most of my time praying, sometimes begging and pleading with the Lord. Sometimes I had to fight off the bitterness. But dear ladies God is so good not only to "the worst" of sinners but to those of us who are "not so bad" (are we not all sinners? With some of us its not as open and it takes a bit for the Lord to show us). HE kept me when I didnt want to be kept, HE comforted me when I wanted no comfort and HE increased my faith when I could believe no more. HE is awesome!

        I struggled to trust Him everytime I got pregnant, when my dh was foolish with money, when I thought the worst was happening. But time and time again our God proved Himself to be FULLY in control. We never went without, never! God IS good. Now here I sit after 10 yrs of marriage....a little over a year ago the Lord began to fully bring my dh back to Him. Every pain was worth it to now see my dh sharing the Lord with so many of his unsaved friends, to see him share in our church services, and mostly to see the difference in how he treats me and how he now invests in our children. I would never know any of this had I left. Our God is one of miricles. Thank You Father, I am overwhelmed.

Psalm 145:10 "All Thy works shall praise Thee, o Lord; and Thy saints shall bless Thee."

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