They Murmered In Their Tents

Written by Tammy

Deuteronomy 1:27 “And ye murmured in your tents…”

        In Deuteronomy 1, Moses is telling the story of the Israelites´ 40-year travel in the wilderness. One verse in particular stood out to me: verse 27. God was upset with the Israelites for grumbling, worrying, and whining in their tents.

        They were afraid that they would all be killed by giants in the Promised Land. As they talked it over in their tents, they got so upset and outraged that all the men banded together and told Moses that they couldn´t, they wouldn´t go into the Promised Land.

        We need to be careful about the conversation that goes on in our homes. God sees us as we walk out of church, hop in the car, and drive away. At church we are the perfect saints—happy, outgoing, and agreeable. Then, as soon as we are home, we begin to murmur. Sometimes, we only wait long enough to get out of the parking lot! “Did you see how Sue was dressed? My how could the pastor say something like that? Joanne just totally ignored me today! Oh! Well the Smiths weren´t even t here today…” Yes, the murmuring goes on and on. Pretty soon we´re so riled up about something that we are ready to make life-changing decisions. Let´s have God be pleased with our conversation in our homes. Obviously the Israelites had many troubles because of their home conversations!

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