It's A Wonderful life is a family tradition in our home each and every year. Who can resist George and Mary Baily, Clarence or even cranky old Mr. Potter? This movie has a great message; our life does have meaning one way or another! We all have the same opportunity to contribute something great to our world as well as our childrens.

Olive Dip
Take a medium jar of green olives (+ half the juice) and put in processor along with 2 bars of cream cheese. Blend till smooth. Great for dipping with large corn chips!

Then there is Miracle on 34th Street, As a little girl I used to watch this movie every Thanksgiving Day, while visiting my grandmother's home. My first Christmas after being married, my mom gave it to me as a gift. Now i share it with my Children just like my granny did with me.

Holiday Franks
Take a package of minni sausages and put in a pan with B-Q sauce. add a dash of hot sauce, bring to a boil and then simmer for about 5 min. Serve with a plate of cheese and crackers. mmm mmm good!

What a heart warmer White Christmas is =) Not only does it have a "clean" romance (well, actually 2!)we again see how focusing on someone elses the best way of bringing joy into our own lives. Ahhh and the music? Bing Crosby! need I say more? I think NOT!

Christmas Cider
Take one gallon of Apple Cider (not juice) and put it into your auto or perk coffee maker. In the basket put 1 1/2 cups of red hots... not only will it be delicious but it will make the home smell sooo good!

Love the Charlie Brown Christmas special.. the music is so good in these! You would think that we would grow tired of the same old programs, but it just doesn't seem like Christmas without them does it?
One large can of Refried Beans, mix in one jar of salsa. Spread on large platter. Take a 16.oz. Sourcream and add to that one taco season pkg. Spread on top of the bean mixture. Shred Cheese to sprinkle on top and add some chopped black olives and if you like hot some peppers too! Serve with Tortilla chips!

   Real quick I'll just mention a few more.. There is Holiday Inn, Christmas in Connecticut, A Christmas Carol, and i'm sure a few I have forgotten. Oh, just thinking about all these favorites makes me want to sit down right now and start, how about you?

Don't forget, use the snow globe to get back home.

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