A Father's Beatitudes

Blessed is the man that receives the Heavenly Father as Lord of his Life.
Blessed is the father that will lay down his life for his wife and children.

Blessed is the father that offers to wash the dishes and tend to the baby, so mother can have a break, even after his long day at work.

Blessed is the father that can attentively and patiently listen when he gets home to crying children, and an exhausted and frustrated wife. Then be able with a smile, to offer comforting and soothing words, regardless of his feelings and frustrations.

Blessed is the father that takes the time to read the Bible to his children and pray with them, teaching them to receive his Heavenly Father as their Lord.

Blessed is the father that disciplines his children with love, making sure his life is a loving example of his Heavenly Father.

Blessed is the father that can patiently listen to his teenagers, when they are telling him that he is too old and doesn't understand the world of today.

Blessed is the father that spends late nights and lonely hours in intercessory prayer for his wife and family, so he will be able to allow his Heavenly Father's love, patience, long-suffering, meekness, temperance, forbearance and forgiveness, to be seen and expressed in demanding and opportune moments.

Blessed is the father that is able to praise the Lord while the house has run amuck; mending his families hurts & frustrations, disciplining, and handling financial disruption, all the while knowing the right words to say in love.

Blessed is the father that teaches and leads his family into becoming a Family of God.

Blessed is this humbled father, this unselfish man, who lovingly leads this home, as it has been taught to him by the Heavenly father, through His son Jesus Christ!

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