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It is important to remember that when we use herbs to heal, we should make it a practice to take them for 6 full days and then rest from taking them on the seventh... also it is a good idea to take herbs for one full day after the healing seems to have taken place. Storing powdered herbs is simple. Whether they are caped or not, in tightly closed glass jars is probably the most practicle way to keep them fresh. Of course it would be best to keep them from any heat.

I plan to add more combinations as time allows, if there is an intrest in an area... please e-mail me and I'll try to get those out first. Blessings to all, Chris

Like most people I was always running to the medicine cabinet or the corner drug store to grab something to "heal" whatever the illness was. What i didn't know is that for the most part I was only covering up an illness and not healing it.
Then one summer our youngest son had an outbreak on his face in the lip area. It began to spread so like any "good" mother I went straight to the Doctors, who promptly diagnosed it WRONGLY, had me treat it with somethig that only made it spread... until the point that we ended up in an emergency ward, and the Doctors there telling me that he had Herpes1 (cold sore in common terms) and not only that but a secondary staff infection. Joshua while in the herpes stage had been in contact with someone who is in the medical profession and had been held while that person was still in his hospital garb and because of the open sore he had ..I think you probably get the picture. Within one hour my little guy was admitted and put on antibiotics by IV for 3 straight days. Leaving the hospital when it was over we naturally thought it was all behind us. I was not. Joshua continued to have outbreaks, (not the infection of course) but would have the cold sores that would spread and this was a constant battle week to week.
We decided to see a specialist in that area. Yes, there were drugs that they could give.. and they did clear up the outbreaks however, never without some other side effect. I was at my witts end, not to mention the money being spent on all the prescriptions, were draining us. We prayed in earnest to know which way to turn next. God sent us a wonderful lady, well we actually have known her for many years, she had moved from the area, but returned for a visit. She has been involved with Herbs for a good many years now. What an answer to prayer she was for us.
We first took Joshua off all the medicines, and began with natural blood cleansers and a number of other herbs, the end result is that even though it took the better part of a year, my son is no longer a victim of these outbreaks, (well that is if we keep him away from chocolate and citrus =)
During that year I read everything I could on Herbs and natural medicine. Not only was it far more affordable, it was easy to have on hand.

In my search for a book that would be most profitable for raising children and that would cover all the bases, I found the following book to be just what we needed.

The How To Herb Book
by Velma J. Keith and Monteen Gordon

The How To Herb Book gives practical, concise information in an easy-reference form. This book was written as a "how to" of herbs for self and family. The How To Herb Book stresses common, easily available herbs. The remedies used were chosen for effectiveness, ease of use, and have been time and experience tested. Includes herbs, vitamins, minerals, diets, juice fasts, exercise, pregnancy, babies and much more. An indispensable book. Designed for quick reading and to give confidence and assurance with herbs.Great for both experienced herbalists and novices.
The following herbal combinations are either taken from this book, or have been compiled by me and have been proven to be very effective.
Also I below all the combinations I will list here, will be information on how and where I order my Herbs.

For Acute Illness and colds Use the infection Fighter Combination in this way:

ADULTS -- 4 caps 3-4 times a day  ( I always use it 4x the first 2 days)
AGES 12-18 --  3 caps 3 or 4 times a day
AGES 6-12 – 2 caps 3or 4 times a day
AGES BABY TO 6 – 1 cap 3-4 times a day

Infection Fighting Combination

Echinacea (angustifolia)
Goldenseal (root)
Capsicum  (otherwise known as Cayenne)
Equal parts (powdered) —and mixed together:

IMPORTANT: Garlic is necessary to increase any and all body recoveries. So it is HIGHLY recommended that along with each dose garlic is given also .. it acts as a catalyst, (that simply means it gives it a boost!)

I mix these all together and put into “00” caps. There is a cap filler that can also be purchased from the company I get the herbs from. (it costs about 10.00 and makes 50 at a time. The “00” caps hold approx.. ¼ tsp.. Per cap. You can use this without the caps however, the cayenne makes this a little rough (grins)

--fights infection and contains natural antibiotics.
--Kills bacteria and virus, all types of infections.
--Stimulates the body to heal itself.
--Reduces fevers.
--Helps sleep and realixation
--Pulls toxins, has diuretic properties.
--Moves mucus out of the body so no need for antihistamines.
--Works with the friendly bacteria, doesn't’t destroy it. Since friendly bacteria is a natural defense mechanism, the body is stronger in fighting infection

"I have used this combination with my family of 11 for sore throats, tonsillitis, swollen glands, earaches, bronchitis and respiratory problems, kidney infections, flue etc… I haven’t needed to use a synthetic antibiotic for 14 years."  (This quote was what sold me on this combination.. someone who wrote a book not from just “head knowledge” but experience. )


There is another Combination for those who are hypoglcemics since it is not good for those to intake Goldenseal. The following Combination is recommended for those ppl. :

Echinacea (angustifolia)
Capsicum  (cayenne)

Don't forget it is IMPORTANT to remember that garlic should be given!  
It has not been necessary for my family to use this combination but those I have passed it to at our church and have used it gave rave revues also.

The above combination was found to be little rough for some young children because of the cayenne so we (a few moms and I ) have come up with an alternate for them. It works however , The original is the best if it can be used. Because it is hard to get a young child to take a cap it can be mixed with a glop of honey or maple syrup .. Some say peanut butter but I think that would keep the mixture in the mouth for to long.

Alternate Combination for Children


This should only be used when the child is to young or can not take the other. (i have found that adding the powder to a glop of honey does the job nicely!) I have used the cayenne mixture with Joshua (now 3) for the last 2 years.

The same rules apply,these are bought as powdered herbs and combined together. Then capped.("00" caps = 1/4 tsp.. approx..)
As with any illness you should already be taking the Infection Fighter, The following combinations are to be considered your secondary herbs. Example,the problem is coughing, sore throat, fever,... then you would begin to take Infection fighter immediatly and add what ever combination is to target the problem. Following are the ones we use most often.

Lung Combination


--helps to expel mucus from the lungs
--used to quiet coughing spasms
--helps stop chest pain due to cough, bronchitis or pneumonia
--fights infection, best results in fighting infections are achieved when used with infection combinations.
We have this on hand all the time.

Poultice Combination

Just as with the infection fighter these are to be combined , however you do not cap!

slippery Elm

--used for infections of any kind internal or external
--pulls slivers rocks etc from scraped or embedded flesh wounds (poultice)
--has cell proliferation action so it helps heal wounds quickly
--contains natural pain relievers, Relieves soreness cuts and wounds for poultice mix with mineral water or aloe Vera juice or gel (that is what I keep on hand (the gel)  and add either vitamin e oil or castor oil or olive oil and apply directly to on wound.
--used to take pain and swelling from broken limbs, sprains or infected sores (poultice)
I used this when my son just last week sprained is foot, it was really swollen so I first did the 20 on 20 off ice thingie  for a whole day  well the swelling didn't go down so I mixed up about 2 TBS with aloe gel and a little distilled water and put it like a paste on his foot. then I put a piece of wax paper on it and a warmed hot towel...(I left it on for about 1 hour) at first there was no difference but  within 8 hours it was no longer swollen.  (I wonder if I had left it on longer if it would have gone down quicker?) next time I will try that .   However   when the swelling went down we realized it was more than a sprain and now he is in a cast. (sigh)
--excellent results when used for hiatal hernia or ulcers . Mix with a little water and drink so it will coat the area. The results are well worth its bitter taste.
--Good to have on hand for any kinds of wounds scrapes slivers etc. took the stinger as well as the hurt away from multiple bee stings in a matter of minutes with my daughter.

Flu Combination


--Clove tea helps with cramps and diarrhea of flu. Goldenseal is an infection fighter, licorice soothes inflamed mucous membranes. Ginger helps with nausea. --this combination also combats secondary infections. (the infection fighter is not needed when taking this for the flu)

Case history

M. started using the flu combination for the flu. At first she noticed the flu was just lasting less time than her neighbors, 1 to 3 days instead of 7-14. Then she found if she gave a dose at the very start of the flu, that most of the time the person never got the flu. Sometimes only one dose was necessary. Even if they came down with the flu it didn’t last very long and the symptoms were not as severe as before. By doing this she and her family went through a whole winter with flu all around them without ever succumbing to it; except for one family member who didn’t take the combination.

Because you don’t take this along with the infection fighter, it should be used as the primary dose. (see above chart)

Energy and Memory Combinations

Gota Kola

--stimulates circulation
--gives energy and endurance
--prevents and alleviates senility
--energy and memory combination has been used while studying and before tests for better mental alertness.

Alergy Combinations

Blessed Thistle
Black Cohosh
Pleurisy Root

--this combination stimulates natural antihistamines, also act as natural antihistamines in the body and cleanses the affected area.
--has been known to help some acne problems. (however, not over night, but within 2-3 months of using)

My husband has severe alergies and takes 6 4 times a day, has done wonders.

Head and Pain Combination

Valerian Root
Wild Lettuce

--used for stress or nervous headaches. Valerian Root is very healing and soothing to nervous system.
--very good for arthritis pain-has been taken as often as every two hours (4-6 capsules)
--used for afterpains after childbirth and for menstrual cramps.
--general pain reliever anywhere in the body, sore throats, earaches, ect. Wild lettuce and Valerian Root are both pain relieving herbs.

Natural Medicine for Children/Babies

Combination of Peppermint, red Raspberry and Catnip tea.
Tepid bath of Vinegar and salt or Ginger
*(One of the bodies most important eliminating organs is the skin. Baths help bring out toxins through the pores, promote perspiration, help to bring down fevers, and are relaxing and soothing for sore muscles, bruises, etc. Stay in water 20 - 30 minutes.)

--Ginger bath--- 3-4 TBS. to tepid bath water.
--Vinegar/salt -- 1 cup Vinegar, 1/2 cup salt to tepid bath water.
Side note: (and this works)
(--Chickweed, Comfrey Baths for sores and rashes, 2 quarts tea per tub of water.)

Catnip tea enema,. 2 tsp.. Catnip to 1 pint water-steep and cool. Note--an enema usually will bring a fever down immediately.

I am not apposed however to using children's Tylenol and ibuprofen if a fever reaches over 104... I do try everything else first. When ours would wake in the night with a high fever I would immediately stick them in a tepid bath.. then begin the tea steeping so I would be able to add it to a bath soon.. if the fever is extremely high then I go directly to the enema... works every time and quick .

CHICKEN POX: 1. Baths, tepid water--Peppermint, ginger or vinegar/salt .
2. Topically-Aloe Vera juice or gel. comfrey extract to pox.
3. Orally--1/8 to 1/4 tsp.. Lobelia and 1 Cayenne capsule or tincture of Cayenne every 3 or 4 hours. also 1000 mg vitamin C every 2 or 3 hours.

The company I deal with is very good. I have found that they carry everything I ever need and their prices and quality is the best going anywhere. The stuff usually gets to me quickly if I use a credit card by phone  (taking a check always takes a little more time)

Penn Herb Co. LTD
Natures Wonderland

Free Shipping Charge Policy; Many other mail order companies charge large amounts for shipping and handling. We know you don't want to pay expensive shipping and handling costs. That's why we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100, and just $3.95 on any order under $100 shipped within the U.S.

They also have a on line homepage, and you can order from there, however I have not done this since I am a major chicken when it comes to using that credit card on line  never have yet =)  you can go to their site and request a catalog sent to you also. All the herbs are listed in alphabetical order and easy to order (now as with all companies they have a lot of stuff they offer in pre-made jars.. Besides being expensive they are not as good as what I just have shown you.

Penn Herb on Line You can also request a catalog on their Home Page.

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