ďIf You Were to Die TodayÖĒ
Luke 12:16-23
Brought with permission from Pastor, Michael A. Jean

       Last week, I counseled a man concerning his troubles.† Because of the nature of his troubles, I discovered that he had no preparations towards his death.† I told him because of the nature of his dilemma, I advised him to get his finances in order lest he hand over a disaster to his family. I have several family members and family friends of ours that have no plan or preparation for the future.† They have thousands of dollars of debt and they keep on racking it up.† They have no plans for retirement, but they continue to wait until itís too late.† Probably in the past couple of months, Iíve encountered incidents similar to this one, both by saved and unsaved people.

       My boss at work tells me about his financial problem.† He is constantly talking about money.† He is close to fifty and finally got his first house (with the help of his mom).† He has 401k, but has borrowed against it twice already.† He told me that heís already planning on borrowing from it again once he gets that one paid off.† He is relying heavily on Social security when he retires.† He makes more than $2 an hour than I do.† He tells me that heís hoping that his mom dies before he retires so that he can make ends meet.† He is in very bad shape for the future of his family.

       We have way too many people living like that in America.† But what bothers me more than anything is the saved people of the world handing over disasters to their family when they pass off of the scene.† I want to speak to you tonight and ask you the question: If you were to die today?

I.† If you were to die today, what kind of financial preparation have you left for your family?
- I ask this question, because I have talked with many preachers and I myself want to avoid any unnecessary stress during the death of a loved one.

-† Prov:13:22: A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.
- It would be wise to get your finances in order ASAP.
- Itís time for Christians to stop relying on the Gov. and rely on God instead.
- Donít count on welfare or Socialist security, itís for those who donít plan ahead
- I believe it is the duty of every Christian to make their transition to heaven as easy and smooth as possible.
- Check to make sure you have insurance, and not just accidental.
- Pay all of your bills, get rid of all of your credit card bills, and maintain a low cost lifestyle
- But the best thing you can do to get out of financial debt is to start tithing.† A tithe is 10%, thatís $1 of every $10 you make.† - Tithe off of your increases, tithe off of your earnings, and tithe off of gifts.
- Most people in financial debt often to fail to tithe.
- Iíve heard it said, and I believe it too.† You can take care of a family of 4 on $6-8 a day.† That will cover their food, clothes and transportation costs.
- If you canít live on $15,000 a year, you wonít be able to live on $35,000!
- I remember working with a fellow on nights who made the same amount of money as I did, also his wife also worked and he was on WIC.† My wife doesnít work outside of the home, but we didnít put ourselves on some voucher system.† This fellow was a smoker and a drinker and couldnít afford to take care of his child.
- Most people who have debt problem often put themselves there first.
- Make sure your spouse or next of kin knows what to do, where to do things, and how to do things before you pass away.
- Iíve got a family member of mine, when her husband passed away, she didnít know how to pay the bills, read a phone or electric bill, or even how to write a check.
- Iíve got things sorted out that my wife would be able to pay for the house, the bills, and the funeral when I die.† She should be able to just work a nominal part time job to support the family after about 6 months to a year.
- I see too many families that will never make anything of their lives or maximize the full potential of their lives if they donít start putting things into order.
- People who donít appropriate their funds properly will be a slave for life to their creditors and the Government.
- Donít spend the rest of your life being a slave!† Get up now and start seeking financial freedom.

II.† The next question I want to ask is: If you were to die today, how much have you failed to give to God
- We live in a generation that strives to keep up with the Jones.
- We have way too many material things that we definitely donít need!
- Many people are robbing God because they have decided to build bigger barns.
- I recently talked to another fellow who I thought was pretty well off.† But this fellow told me that heís still renting, maximized a couple of credit cards, making payments on several different vehicles.
- He wasnít just being made a slave to debt, but also is robbing God of everything that he could have given to him instead of trying to build a bigger barn.
- Iím not saying its wrong to have some luxuries in life, but I am saying, make sure you donít rob God while you obtain those items.
- There was a fellow I knew who criticized a preacher for making too much money, but turned around and took a trip with his family to some exotic place like Hawaii and charged it all on his credit card.
- I remember working with a fellow on nights.† Who claimed to be religious and saved.† He had a house, bought a car, a jeep, satellite dish, a computer, and a couple of cell phones.† Then later tells me that there is no way that he couldnít tithe because he couldnít afford it.† He was robbing God by building bigger barns.

III. If you were to die today, have you given your first fruits?
- Vs. 17 of Luke you read the question;† ďwhat shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits?Ē
- God already told you what to do with your first 10%
- Prov:3:9-10: Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.
- God doesnít promise that everyone will be filthy rich if you give liberally, but He does promise that he will meet your needs.
- He doesnít always give you money.† Sometimes He gives you clothes, gifts, food.† Sometimes there are times that He is taking care of us by not letting the car break down.
- Let me make it clear that the tithe is to go to the church and the offerings go to the building or missions
- Bring that tithe to the Church
- Donít buy something for the Church and then deduct it from your tithe, that is unscriptural and quite frankly very rebellious.
- You are looking at a man who tithes off of his income (Gross), 401k, gifts, and all little extras that I get somewhere down the line.
- If you havenít started tithing yet, then I suggest that you start now before Godís judgement comes upon you and puts you deeper in debt.

There was a village where a missionary was trying to start a Church.† This Church was a nominal Church sometimes struggling financially.† It came to pass that the main money counter soon became ill and died.† The question arose around the Church, who could they trust to count the money.† Finally, a grain storehouse keeper stepped forward and volunteered to accept the responsibility under one circumstance;† no one was to know anything about the finances for 1 entire year!† This was a strange request, but since he was the grain storehouse keeper and everyone trusted him, they agreed to his stipulation.† After a year, the finances of the Church were revealed and it was shown that they paid off the land and the building and had a remarkable amount of money in the savings.† They asked him how this was possible.† He quietly told them, ďAll of you bring your grain to me for your storage.† I would immediately take out 10% of your grain and set it aside for the Lord.† Nobody even noticed that it was gone.† And now look at what could happen if we all do what the Lord wants us to do!Ē

**If you were to die today, what kind of shape would your family be in?
If you were to die today, what would you have failed to give to God because of bigger barns?
If you were to die today, would you be able to say that youíve given your first fruits?
But a even more important question is, if you were to die today, are you a 100% sure that you are going to heaven?

Brought with permission from Pastor, Michael A. Jean


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