Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Ps 37:4-5

        Although it was quite an adjustment to have Craig gone so many nights, gone he was! One Saturday night when he came home all the kids were teasing him as he walked in saying "Well, it's Mr. Smitten" LOL, he corrected them all by raising his hands and saying "NO, it's DEEP SMITTEN" I knew then that he was SURE, and sure enough he told me that night that he had told Erin that he had fallen in love with her and she felt the same!!! That was January 19th.

        It may seem like things are going way to fast for some, yet, when you have prayed and waited on the Lord, and He shows you that you have found your mate, it is time for a life-long commitment. They talked with her parents and set a tentative date of August 3rd, of THIS year. The only thing left to do was talk to her Pastor for his blessing and church availability. Craig was leaving for an already planned trip to Florida for a Bible Meeting with his sisters, the plan was to purchase a ring the Monday he got back. Erin had no idea that I had talked to her mom and found out size/style so that he could surprise her. We went to GREAT effort to let her think that she would be getting her ring on her birthday which was on the 5th of February.

Because Erin lives a good hour away we began having her here one weekend and Craig would go there the next. This way each family would be able to get to know Erin/Craig better. The weekend before her birthday Erin came to our home and we planned to have her folks join us for dinner so we could discuss the impending engagement. WELL, that is what Erin thought, everyone but Erin knew that it was much more!!! Craig made reservations at a really nice restaurant for the 6 of us. He pre-arranged with the owner to bring out flowers and her ring on a tray after dinner was done. The flowers were purple and yellow tulips with pearls added here and there, the ring was in a black velvet box. The date: February 2nd.

        They brought it out on beautiful tray and YES she was surprised. Craig opened the box and presented her with her ring. Now it was OFFICIAL for all the world to know. We came back to the house where the kids had set the table with a cake we had ordered and we all celebrated together. Erin stayed the night (I think those girls talked half the night way up there LOL ... well they talked, Erin looked at her ring hehe). In the morning the whole church learned of their plans.

        They have talked to their pastor, and the date is official, August 3, 2002 they will be Mr. and Mrs. Craig Cheedie !!! I couldn't be happier, Erin is a wonderful addition to our family, my quiverful is ever growing, God is SO good to me. So, one might ask, how do 2 people being older manage to spend time together and do things together? Simple, they take separate cars, or family goes along, where God sets a standard, He makes a way. Wedding plans are underway - Erin has always wanted yellow/orchid tulips so that will be the colors. Oh, and when they started making plans for what they would like, Craig told Erin that he wanted to have his dad as his best man, she was fine with that since she has always wanted her mom to be her maid of honor! Whew, they are SO made for each other!! Please take the time to pray for them right now, that all they do will honor and glorify our Lord, they are seeking an apartment among many other decisions. I will be writing more as things progress, so stay tuned!.

        May 3 ..... Things are moving right along, Erin has bought her dress, the invitations are in, flowers being prepared, they have registered in preparation for the showers that are right around the corner!!! Just today she came to town with the proofs from their engagement pictures, as seen below. My husband and I are starting to make arrangements for the rehearsal dinner, not much longer now! Oh, and I have yet to find a dress! They have not decided on the apartment they want yet, so keep praying please ;)

engagement picture
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