Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Ps 37:4-5

        I picked this verse for a very special reason. In all rights and by today's standards Craig and Erin should already be married. I mean, my goodness they are both nearly 27 years old! The reason they are not is because they have both been praying and waiting for the 'right' person to come along.

        Although they didn't know that their past would play a part in coming together it sure did! Several years ago my husband and I were co-counselors at a Bible Youth Camp. Our church along with quite a few others went to the same camp a few years in a row. It was there that Craig and Erin first met, little did they know that nearly 12 years later they would be engaged to be married. In fact, they really only knew that each other existed, neither of them made any effort then to get to know one another.

        Fast forward a few years and Craig went off to a 3 year Bible Institute in Pensacola Florida at Bible Baptist Church, Erin to Crown College. Craig came back home after graduating and Erin has been with her parents since graduation also. Craig has stayed active for the Lord, preaching at nursing homes and a prison ministry in our church outreach ministries, all the while finishing an apprenticeship in Carpentry. Erin has been involved in her church (Hope Baptist in Ohio) music ministry as well as the deaf ministry, while holding a job in a local hospital.

Meanwhile, as all young people do, Erin dreamed of a day that the someone would come along and as they say, "sweep her off her feet". Sure, some fellows were interested, yet to hear Erin tell it now, she has prayed and felt that when the right person came along she would KNOW it, that just wasn't the case with anyone that showed interest. Craig, during school pursued a couple different interests that God just seemed to close the door on. They continued in prayer to leave it all in the Lord's hands. Amen! A couple years ago I jokingly said to Craig, "You know - the Bible says: "He who findeth a wife" .. "you are not searching" LOL, his answer was simply, 'show me at church who I can consider', I knew then that he had asked Lord to bring someone to him, in HIS OWN LOCAL CHURCH, so that is the way I directed my prayers also.

        For anyone who thinks this is an easy road it is NOT, (although you have peace inside) you constantly have well intentioned friends trying to find you someone. One by one you watch your friends all getting married, starting families, and you wonder, "Will it ever be my turn"? Again, you just pray and ask God to lead. The world looks on and says, "It's not normal to be so 'prudish'". Even so called Christians mock the idea of Courtship.

        Courtship is two people seeking each other out, under their parents' or guardians' supervision, for the purpose of finding a spouse in the Will of God. For those of you that have not read the study on my site about Courtship, I will give you a brief overview then get back to Craig and Erin's story. The Bible supports Courtship:

  • 1. In word: "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the Lord." (Prov. 18:22) Clearly the word "findeth" implies a purposeful seekin & looking process.
  • 2. In principle: "Neither shalt thou make marriages with them (that is, the nations); thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son... (Deut. 7:3) Parents are to be involved in supervising their children's marriages.
  • 3. In examples: Adam and Eve, Isaac and Rebekah, Christ and the Church.

        Yes, even though Craig and Erin are older they still are committed to the idea of Courtship. It is important to them that they present their relationship with NO appearance of evil. They are mature enough to know that the flesh and heart can not be trusted. And as parents we trust and appreciate their intentions, however, our 'training' is not done until the day they say "I do", we know full well that the enemy would love to destroy their hopes and dreams of presenting themselves as pure vessels on that special day! Okay, my rabbit trail ends here LOL, back to how this all began:

        A year ago October we were having our annual King James Bible Conference at our church, Erin came with her folks, Craig noticed her and that night when he came home he prayed about and for Erin, simply leaving it in the Lord's hands. A whole year passes... Then this last October just before conference his sister Laura told him that (through a friend) Erin had asked about him. Craig's reply, 'Yea, like I am even close to being in her league' (O ye of little faith comes to mind here LOL) .. Anyway, Erin along with her folks and a group from her church came to the conference, Craig spoke to her and she let him know that many of them were going out after service to a restaurant. He went along, and Erin saved him a seat so they could talk. I can't tell you right now what Erin prayed in this regard BUT I know that Craig was praying SPECIFICALLY!

The following week her church was having a Mission's Conference, Craig grabbed a couple of his siblings and went every night except Wednesday. At the end of the conference Craig spoke to Erin's pastor and asked for her phone number.

        I am not a nail biter but if I were, they would have been gone, seemed like he took forever to call her. LOL! He was so afraid of rushing things. By early November he called, her mom answered and he asked permission to speak to her. Erin began by saying she was hoping he would call! Oh, he needed to hear those words. He called her off and on for a bit then drove to Ohio to meet her folks on the 8th. Craig asked her to come to our home for Christmas Eve, although I am sure she was a bit overwhelmed by the SIZE of our family, we had a lovely time and I instantly felt like I had known her forever. She not only captivated our son's heart but ours also!

        He began visiting a few times a week, then early January our two families met, it was so evident to me that Erin was the one, I felt within minutes that I had known her mom for what seemed like forever... her husband and mine were so comfortable with each other. Our prayers were being answered, and we were in one accord that each felt just as happy about this courtship.


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