Well, the time has finally come. When you are parents to nine children, you know that there will come a day that one by one they will leave and go out on their own. I imagine most would think that would be one of those "blessings in disguise" since it would mean more room in the house right? Well not for us, it is really a mixed "bag of emotions" for me anyway. Laura is not only my daughter but my friend as well. As I think back on her early days, she was always a good little girl,(well that is, except for the time she decided to cut off her friends pigtail!) oops! She always did well in school and tried to get the best scores possible. I donít remember her ever loosing interest in her studies. Laura was saved at the early age of 5, and then when 14 she felt led to gain assurance of her Salvation. Laura has always been "in love" with going to church. She loves music, and is an accomplished pianist. She loves classical music and plays for our specials and church services (when needed). She also taught herself the flute and sometimes plays in special music also.

       The summer before her senior year she went to Venezuela for 6 weeks to be a part of a team going to help missionaries. For most of this trip she was in the jungle and lived with the tribal people. She ate monkey, ran from alligators, and was nearly eaten away by gnats! But the girl that came home was not the girl that left. She had a burden for lost souls, for missionaries, for "sticking with the stuff". Laura had earlier surrendered her life to God in the area of missions. Not that she had to go, but was and is willing if God should ever call.

       All through her school years, Laura was very familiar with one saying "Don't plan on getting married or even thinking about it till your at least 21". LOL, for a long time that was funny.. However the older she became, the more she realized we meant it. She didn't have a problem with it at all. It was just a matter of fact. We began praying while she was just a little girl that God would lead her to the man that would take our place. Of course, HE did because He is faithful! That brings me to Paul! Laura and Paul have known each other since she was in kindergarten and he in the first grade. But not until they graduated did they actually "discover" each other as more than friends. All those years though they fellowshipped together at school, church, and family functions.

       Paul first came to us with the big question of "would it be alright if I began "seeing" Laura ? We knew the day would come, and were pleased that it was someone we already knew and considered a great kid. So the courtship began, that was about 2 years ago now, and today we are planning a wedding for July 31st. We are proud of both of them, they have honored us in our beliefs about the path their relationship has taken.

       When Paul and Laura kiss on their wedding day it will be their first, and with the exception of one time (totally out of necessity) when they drive away it will be the first time alone together in a car. As they take hands and begin a new life together, it will be the first time with the exception of praying as a family around our dinner table that they "touch" What a blessing it has been to see them grow, and plan for their special day.

       We are planning a church wedding at 2:00 in the afternoon for about 275 ppl. and are renting a 40 x 80 foot tent for the reception. Laura's colors are White and Iris. The flowers will be purple and white roses. the tables will be decorated with floating flowers, and cards we have made up with the "It Takes Three" verse above. She has 3 of her sisters and 2 friends standing up in the wedding, her oldest sister Elisabeth being her maid of honor. They will have her little brother Joshua (3yo) as a "petal dropper" dropping rose petalss out of a top hat. As soon as we have pictures to pass on you will find them here.

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