Do you desire to be used of God? God uses women, ladies, and girls in many ways. When God wanted a prophet in Israel, He looked for Hannah. She knew how to pray. When He wanted an Isaac, He chose Sarah as well as Abraham. When He wanted a forerunner for the Messiah, He chose Elizabeth. When He wanted a mother of His only begotten Son, He chose Mary. It only stands to reason that when we want to know how to go about things, or how not to at times (smiles), we have much to learn from Women in the Bible. I hope the following studies/devotions will be an encouragement to you.

            Woman can make Eden a paradise if she so chooses, or she can curse everything in it, as Eve did. she can make an ark a lifeboat and the Nile River a nursery if she wants to, or she can curse her husband as Job's wife did. It's HER/YOUR choice! She can ruin a nation as did Jezebel or she can change a house into a church as Priscilla. She can make a preaching service great by giving her all or ruin one by withholding some as did Sapphira. She can fill the house with Mary's ointment or she can fill it with Michal's hatred. She can save a nation as did Esther or she, like Jezebel, can destroy one. We have the same choices!!

Index of my Studies

Submission to a Lost Husband
It could happen to you!
She stood, Fasted and Prayed
Lying will cost you!
Widow's Mites
Give all you have
Job's Wife
Bitter, Angry, and Wrong
Obey my Son
A Contentious Woman
Young Jewish Girl
He CAN use us as we are
Ichabod's Mother
Woman Without Hope
Making a Choice

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