10 The preacher sought to find out acceptable words: and that which was written was upright, even words of truth.
14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

       (Written in 1997) This page is dedicated to my Preacher, Pastor Noe, of Galilean Baptist Church in Livonia, Michigan. This man has been the pastor here for 45 years. In a day where many fall by the wayside, he has remained faithful to God and his flock. He has given to my family a deep reverence for the Word of God. He has instilled in us a strong commitment to family, a belief in bibical seperation and most of all,a desire to be living for God in each step we take. He has stood firm through all the years, takes a stand on the King James Bible and has taught me and my family a deep love for the Word of God, without which we all would lose faith and falter. He has taught us the way through his preaching and Godly example before us. Another words--he doesn't just "talk the talk..but "walks the walk". Below this poem are some of the many wonderful one liners he has used through the years in his preaching.

If I Were the Devil Pastor Preaches!

Our Church Fire February 17, 2004

Pastor's Homegoing, Sunday, March 14, 2004

The Precious Bible

Though the cover is worn and the pages are torn
Though places bear traces of tears
Yet more precious than gold is this book worn and old
That can shatter and scatter my fears
When I prayerfully look in this precious old book
Many pleasures and treasures I see
Many tokens of love from my father above
Who is nearest and dearest to me
This book's been my guide tis a friend by my side
It will lighten and brighten my way
And each promise I find soothes and gladdens my mind
As I read it and heed each day


A pure Bible is the only source of independent spirituality,

Bible knowledge without Bible application is nothing.

The purpose of the Bible is to reveal Jesus Christ and to redeem sinners. .

The Bible is not inspired in the originals. .

There ain't no originals! .

You have to have purity (KJB) in order to obtain purity. .

You don't have to defend the Bible; just turn it loose. .

When I find a good verse, I walk all over dispensations. .

Theory does not work in the ministry. .

God never calls any man to build a church; God calls men to build people. .

All the popes are not in Rome. .

The law is like a ten-link chain you're holding onto while hanging over a .

cliff: if one link breaks, you fall. .

The Bible does not say to do holy, but it says to be holy. .

You don't correct God's Word; you let it correct you. .

The Bible is the only guide for spiritual experience.

Sometimes you don't understand or like what God's Word says. Don't change or twist it to meet your circumstances; you change, you meditate on it, and God will reveal it to you. .

Take the Word of God opposite your feelings. .

"What do we have for the young people?" --the King James Bible! .

This Bible is not a text book--it's a life book. .

The source of the Spirit of God is the ministry of Paul. .

The Holy Ghost is not some electric shock of liquid love. .

I don't need a dream; I've got a Book. .

You correct the Bible and you become corrupted. .

If the Book becomes dry to you--it's not the Book, it's you. .

The Bible is an unreasonable Book. . . until you take God's position against you. .

What comes in place of God's Word will be disastrous.

We don't pray more, because we have too much strength in us yet. .

Beware of success; you'll be lifted up with pride. .

Abasement is the path of all sufficiency of Christ.

If anything is beneath you, you are above nothing. .

If you are hiding behind a corkscrew, you have to be just as crooked and a little bit smaller. .

To do something for God, you must overcome something in your life. .

Stay by the stuff. .

Faith doesn't ask why or how; it just gets going. .

You only start to get your needs met when you minister to the needs of others. .

Success comes out of suffering. .

What are you doing under your circumstances? Get on top of them and use them for your advantage. .

There is no easy spot in God's ministry. .

Make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.

No one owes you anything. .

Success is. . .getting through this life clean and going to Heaven. .

People who operate their lives on feelings are fools. .

If we have no faith we'll seek to find solutions to problems, but won't find them. .

If you don't hope for anything, you won't be disappointed when you don't get it. .

If you are looking for the coming of Jesus Christ, you have some hope for this world. .

The only thing that makes sense is that God is doing something. .

Life is a discipline. .

You're going to have a lot of quitting places in your Christian experience. .

Only Christians have a future. .

You only believe as much of the Bible as you put into practice in your daily life. .

What people use to excuse will accuse. .

People will cover up their failure by blaming someone else. .

Whenever you want to quit, consider Jesus. .

If you're going to serve, be a willing servant. .

Self-promotion is an insult to God. .

Jesus was a servant. . .are you better than He? .

You can't serve God enough to cover up sin. .

I am not serving God unless I am sacrificing things to serve Him. .

A person who looks for an excuse to quit will find it. .

I had better forget my feelings and get God's will. .

We have no excuse to quit. .

What God does, He does in spite of us, not because of us. .

God takes care of everything. .

When you don't have God, you take the consequences. .

Everyone is under authority.

"He's the Boss, understand?" .

Obedience in one area does not excuse disobedience in another area. .

Everyone has some rebellion in him. .

When I cut God off to do things by myself, He'll leave me to try to work things out for myself, thus letting me make a bigger mess of things. .

I must take God's Word against my flesh. .

You hear what you want to. You'd better get your "want to" straightened out! .

Anything that the world does, no matter how corrupt it is, we as Christians are capable of doing the same. .

Sin is never to be trifled with. .

God takes care of the person who does right. .

Godliness is always vindicated. .

The Bible will keep you from sin; sin will keep you from the Bible. .

Every sign of sin should be shunned like a deadly cobra. .

You cannot do right by trying, but only by submitting and surrendering. .

God is not impressed by how it sounds, but rather by what comes from the heart. .

Who we are determines what we do. .

America won't survive just by being conservative; it has to be godly. .

It's a deadly thing to disobey God. .

If you like it and it's wrong. . .quit likin' it! .

Either do it for God, or get out of it quick. .

If a man is what he's supposed to be, his family will be what it ought to be. If his family is what it ought to be, the church will be what it's supposed to be. .

You can test a preacher by his family, especially by his sons. .

The grace of God is only as good as it is in your own home. .

Everyone's first responsibility is his family. .

Private Christianity has to work before public Christianity does. .

It takes twenty years to build a sermon because it takes twenty years to build a man. .

Holiness is homegrown. .

The first law of godliness in your personal life and in your family is separation. .

Everything worthwhile in life has to be taught to children. .

Unthankfulness is the root of all spiritual decline. .

Christian character costs. .

Leaders are to put people on to their responsibility. Work is God's plan. .

The only thing you can give a person without hurting him is an opportunity. .

The most miserable people in the world are self-centered people. .

Decisions in youth determine your destiny. .

Get God to liking you, and then you'll have the right kind of friends. Ask yourself, "What am I doing that only a Christian would do?" .

Your testimony is what stands before God. .

In order to have authority you must be under authority. .

If our life is right, we need not swear an oath; a yes or no will do. .

"W-O-R-K" is a dirty, four-letter word. .

The great things in life are simple things. .

Man's greatest opportunity of success is his family. .

Character is. . .standing for what is right, not what is popular. .

"I can't stand a quitter because, if it weren't for God, I'd be one!" .

If you're not going to walk it, don't talk it. .

God wants sincerity, not ability. .

Knowledge puffs up the head; obedience enlarges the heart. .

You can tell what a person is by who his enemies are. .

Beat the Hell out of your children. .

Understanding is. . .doing no evil. .

Either God fills your mind, or reprobation will. .

Your clothes identify you. .

A true believer wants to be a testimony of the Testimony. .

Wisdom is. . .agreeing with God on what's important. .

You test your faith by your attitude toward authority. .

If a man would take five minutes to sit down and really consider his life, he would either commit suicide or get saved. .

You can't get saved until you become a sinner. .

No one gets saved arrogantly. .

If you're going to get saved, you're going to have to get God's opinion of you. .

There are two kinds of religion: do and done. .

God only works through faith. .

Heaven is moved by a prayer meeting. .

We don't go to Heaven head-first; we go heart-first. .

Our faith is only as good as its future. .

You may say, "I don't believe that!". . . Well, start believing it. .

The less reality you have, the more ritual you must have. .

You have to have ritual when you don't have power. .

History books are written about the feats of wicked men. .

Our influence goes on and on, even after we're dead. .

"We're all yella!" Courage is. . .going through the fear. .

Faith brings God into it. .

God will only give us what He knows we can handle, so be faithful to Him. .

Compassion is. . .concern, doing something. .

The only true words spoken today are spoken from the heart. .

Music is a universal language that either creates or corrupts. .

The earth is to be in subjection to us, not the other way around. .

There are two kinds of people in this world: givers and takers. .

What you gain in wealth, you lose in life. .

You reap what you sow; you reap more than you sow; you reap later than you sow. .

The secret of living is giving. .

Giving is a blessing in time, and a treasure in eternity. .

If you don't give, you will lose your vision. .

Poverty doesn't hinder giving; it helps giving. .

Live to give. .

If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look who He gives it to. .

You can't afford not to give. .

If you quit giving, you'll go down the tubes. It is better to support a bum than to be one. .

You can't outgive God. .

Real love gives. .

Charity is. . .love with legs on it. .

Jesus could not keep His riches in Heaven and make us rich at the same time. .

Free financial seminar: Make more money than you spend. .

Whatever the world thinks or does, you do the opposite! .

Are my surroundings changing me, or am I changing them? .

Our mouths usually get ahead of our living. .

Does anyone believe your testimony? .

You are God's message. .

If you can't take God with you, don't go. .

Why are we here? We're here to be a blessing and a testimony to others who are here also. .

When we know God's will, we're to have no second thoughts about it. .

Deal with it! .

Faith that must see to believe is not genuine faith. .

Don't quit. .

If Christ isn't enough, then you'll never have enough. .

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