You will need your Bible to look up some verses in 1 Corinthaians ..

       Communion is a memorial of Jesus Christ's body being broken for sin and His blood being shed to atone for sin. It is called an ordinance in the Bible, and you should participate in it. 1 Cor. chapter 11 deals with the specifics of this 'communion' and commands us to 'keep the ordinances' in 11:2

       The Bible has only 2 ordinances . in the NT .. baptism and the Lord's supper. They are never called sacrament in Scripture . The Bible is very clear as to the method for the Lord's supper. Please read through the following passages of scripture and notice some of the details that are to be observed .

1 Cor. 11 23 through 26.

       Notice that it was held at night. This is why Bible believing churches commemorate the last supper at night, instead of in the morning. The bread was broken to remember how Jesus Christ was broken. It does not become the literal body of our Lord but rather it SYMBOLIZES that body. The cup of juice is also a SYMBOL of Christ's blood . This is why Bible believers do not serve fermented wine., for that would imply that Christ's blood was tainted, thus signifying He was a sinner. That is blasphemy! In all the Biblical accounts where the Lord's last supper is recorded, not one time is the word 'wine' ever used. Instead the Bible says 'fruit of the vine' or grape juice as comparing scripture with Scripture indicates. So the Bible is very plain in giving us the method of commemorating the Lord's supper.

       The passage of scripture from 1 Cor. above also explains the meaning of the Lord's supper. When you participate in its commemoration, you are testifying that Jesus Christ died for YOU and shed His blood for YOU. You are remembering what He did for YOU. Every time you partake of the elements in commemoration of that last supper, you are giving personal testimony that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is alive today. That is of course what the gospel is a all about!

       The message of the Lord's supper is one of SELF-EXAMINATION for the Christian. God doesn't want you to partake of the elements in the Lord's supper as if you are eating a normal meal. He wants you to me sober and praying to make sure everything is right between you and Him. Your heavenly Father wants you to judge YOURSELF so that you can escape chastisement. To partake of the Lord's supper w/o examining yourself is to disobey God's word. Don't harbor sin and think that God will overlook it, especially when you are remembering the blood He shed to forgive you of your sin! Keep your heart right with your new Master. Now read 1 Cor. 11 27-32

       Normally when BOTH elements are given out .. there is a time before partaking of them that you will be given time to bow and talk with God .. to examine yourself .. to be sure there is no unconfessed sin .. and a time for a prayer of thanksgiving for what He has done for you ....

       The main thing to remember is that this is a time for REMEMBRANCE .. !!!

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