I'm so glad your here! I hope and pray you enjoy your visit with me. My pages are different for one very important reason, I am a Born again, Bible believing Commited Christian and because of that, this site will reflect my beliefs.

There are many who claim to have "gods" that have gone on before them, but I ask you,
Is He ALIVE?? I serve a LIVING Saviour, He is in the world today!
I walk with Him, talk with Him, day by day!!

In your Easter bonnet
With all the frills upon it,
You'll be the grandest lady in

      Im not sure about you, but I remember when Easter wasnt Easter till mom bought us girls hats, gloves, and a nice new coat that went over our frilly new dresses. Sound familiar? Oh, sure we went to church that morning, AFTER we searched the house for our baskets that we just knew were filled with candy. Im not saying that it was a time void of God, however it was secondary as i remember it now. Not that Mom didn't try to instill in us the "meaning" behind the time, but as children we couldnt help but think of the "new clothes, candy, and special treats. I grew up believing the Easter bunny came and filled and then hid those empty baskets we left out the night before. We colored eggs, and usually visited my grandmothers home for dinner.

ONCE upon a time....
there were four little Rabbits,
and their names were
Flopsy, Mopsy,
Cotton-tail, and Peter.
They lived with their Mother
in a sand-bank, underneath the root
of a very big fir-tree.

I guess all the talk of "bunnies" at this time of year brings "Peter" to mind.

      We don't do the Easter bunny or baskets here at our home, I do fill a bowl with candy and let the children enjoy it. We dont decorate for this day either. We decided that of all the holidays, it is the hardest to find something "right" about. Let me explain what I mean a little,

      Easter, as we know it, comes from the ancient pagan festival of Astarte. Also known as Ishtar (pronounced " Easter"), This festival has always been held late in the month of April . It was, in it's original form, a celebration of the earth " regenerating" itself after the winter season. The festival involved a celebration of reproduction. For this reason the common symbols of Easter festivities were the rabbit, and the egg. Both are known for their reproduct ive abilities. At the center of attention was Astarte, the female deity. She is known in the Bible as the "Queen of heaven" Jeremiah 7:18; 44:17-25. She is the mother of Tammuz (Ezekiel 8:14) who was also her husband! These perverted rituals would take place at sunrise on Easter moming (Ezekiel 8:13 -16). From the references in Jeremiah and Ezekiel, we can see that the true Easter has never had any association with Jesus Christ.

      So in light of that, lets look to the Bible the very Word of God and learn the truth of the Passover;

Scripture Account

Read this doctor's account!

My God is Alive!, CLICK THE BANNER!

Why He Died

Now, I do have something i ran across that I think is a very good tradition that would be perfect for this "holiday". It was passed on to me not long ago, and we plan on trying it out this week sometime.. A great lesson AND a tasty treat!!

Easter Story Cookies

Another great way to teach the Easter Story

Jeremy's Story

Beautiful Edith
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